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Nuclear O'Reilly (from left): Brad Naprixas, Jared DiDomenico. Photograph by Josh Heller.

Nuclear O'Reilly made history by creating the world's first commercially available, full-length album made solely on an iPhone. Now, come hear what they did with instruments and recording equipment. Presenting Mixed Signals: The Nuclear O'Reilly Remixes.

Jared DiDomenico & Brad Naprixas, the two visionary music producers/artists who comprise Nuclear O'Reilly, have re-imagined notable songs from well-known artists, as well as newcomer Gem Avery, and also threw in their own instrumental to top it off. They created entirely new songs from the ground up, only keeping the artists' original vocals. Some people say that Nuclear O'Reilly really re-did the songs, going beyond what's typically thought of as a remix...

This project gives a taste of the different genres Nuclear O. can work in and make their own, from electronic/dance to soul and r&b to alternative to rock to hip hop.

Jared DiDomenico: guitars, bass, keys/synth, programming
Brad Naprixas: piano, keys/synth, programming.
All music, excluding vocals, is written, performed, and produced by Nuclear O'Reilly